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Intellectual Property Lawyer in El Salvador, Trademark in El Salvador

Graduated from the Law School of Universidad Tecnológica of El Salvador, specializing in civil and commercial law.

Authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice as a Lawyer and as a Notary of the Republic. She has a degree on corporate law, focused on commercial arbitration, economy constitutional law, company law, intellectual property and international commerce. Additionally she has a diploma on regulation and logistic importation procedures.

She has participated in seminars about  “Mechanisms for Settlement of Commercial Disputes Within  Central America”, imparted by the Secretary of Central American Economic Integration (known as SIECA) and the Ministry of Economy, as well as in trainings  about Perspectives on International Commercial Arbitration, imparted by members of  the law firm FULLBRIGHT & JAWORSKI, and Arbitrators from forums such as The American Arbitration Association, the International Court of Arbitration, ICC, and the London Court of International Arbitration LCIA; she has also participated in conferences on  patent related matters – international application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), copyright and considerations on aspects related to trademark registration procedures; finally, she has lectured conferences regarding Intellectual Property, and its application in Advertising and Graphic Design.

She is in charge of the Corporate Law, Intellectual Property and Sanitary Registration areas in GOLD SERVICE; she is responsible for executing and managing international branch and company incorporations, providing advisory on their business development within the legal framework. In terms of Industrial and Intellectual Property, she is in charge of filing trademark applications, commercial names, advertising signs or expressions, trademark licenses, etc; this also includes copyright deposit, patent registration, industrial design, utility models among others. In the sanitary regulation sector under the National Directory of Pharmaceutical products and the Ministry of Health, she is in charge of managing the registration of foods, beverages, pharmaceutical products, dental and medical supplies, cosmetics, cleaning and chemicals products, as well as advertising permits and other post registration diligences before the aforementioned authorities.

Fields of expertise: Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Sanitary Registration, International Commerce.

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