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El Salvador lawyersGOLD SERVICE is a professional law firm in El Salvador, Central America, that has both lawyers and business advisors at your service. Our lawyers specialize in the corporate and intellectual property fields, as well as providing advice in the legal and business fields in Central America, and in more than 100 countries around the world through correspondent offices.

With more than 25 years in the Salvadoran and Central American markets, our El Salvador law firm facilitates the successful entry of new companies and collaborates with existing ones, reducing their costs and business risks.

GOLD SERVICE is a member of various business chambers such as the European Lawyers Association (AEA) and the directory of service providers of the United States Embassy in El Salvador, among others. Likewise, this allows us to provide our services in a wide variety of countries.

GOLD SERVICE specializes in the incorporation of companies within the Salvadoran territory, and their start-up; as well as the registration of foreign branches. Similarly, our El Salvador lawyers handle the field of intellectual property and corporate law in general.

El Salvador Law Firm

El Salvador Legal services

El Salvador Company incorporation

Our law firm takes care of facilitating the process of starting companies within Salvadoran territory, as well as registering foreign branches and non-profit organizations or foundations (NPOs).

Contact us and hire our services; Likewise, we will assign you a lawyer in El Salvador who will be in charge of different processes to establish your company; In this way, you will be able to concentrate your efforts on commercial and professional activities.

Trademark and intellectual property registration

Protect your intellectual property by registering it. With our trademark registration service, you will be able to protect, position and expand your brand in the market. Our law firm in El Salvador is responsible for registering your intellectual property so that it cannot be used maliciously by third parties.

Sanitary registration and product registration in El Salvador

Our El Salvador law firm takes care of providing you with the requirements to register your products within our territory. Likewise, in the event that we are expressly requested, we can also provide you with the sanitary and product requirements of other Central American countries.

With the help of our team of El Salvador lawyers, It will be easier for you to register different types of products, such as: registration of food and beverages, registration of pharmaceutical products and registration of cosmetic products, among others.

Business advisers in El Salvador

Business services in El Salvador

Gold Service counts with El Salvador lawyers and specialists in the corporate and business fields who will be able to assist and advise you appropriately so that you can develop your company in the market. Our specialists will be able to instruct you in different topics such as the coordination of the business agenda, studies and analysis of the market-competition in El Salvador and the identification of opportunities and the elaboration of investment strategies, among others.

Our team of expert El Salvador lawyers, is trained to advise you on various issues related to the business area such as:


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