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El Salvador Due Diligence

Due Diligence El Salvador, Commercial Financial Investigation El Salvador.

Gold Service executes professional actions focused so that foreign companies interested in buying or merging with Salvadoran companies, have the least amount of risks, since we verify the legal, labor and tax situation in order to contribute in the decision, for which we investigate the significant aspects of their past, present and foreseeable future.

The due diligence allows to evaluate the company in progress, valuing its assets and liabilities, knowing its legal aspects such as contracts and bylaws, compliance with current legislation, trademarks, intangible assets, determining the contingent risks of the business, current and potential lawsuits and determining the existence of hidden, actual or potential liabilities.

As a result of the work carried out, a report is prepared with comments and observations that will serve as a basis for the negotiation of the final agreement on issues such as potential contingent risks, guarantee clauses, etc.

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