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Apostille- Legalisation of documents in El Salvador

Apostille Documents in El Salvador, El Salvador Birth Certificate

The Apostille Treaty is a process that facilitates or simplifies the legalisation of documents so that their authenticity can be verified internationally.

It is necessary to apostille a Salvadoran document for it to be valid internationally (in the countries that have signed the Apostille Treaty).

The Hague Convention or Apostille Treaty, created in 1961, is another more convenient option to the long process of certification chain that was previously used, and that required many processes at several institutions to certify a document.

We offer the service of obtaining your documents, like birth certificates; death certificates; marriage certificate; among others; and then legalise them for them to be valid in the country you required them for.

Some of the documents that we can apostille are:

  • Salvadoran birth certificates
  • Salvadoran marriage Certificates.
  • Salvadoran divorce certificates.
  • Salvadoran death certificates.
  • Deed of Salvadoran properties.
  • Deeds of gift.
  • Salvadoran power of attorney.
  • Salvadoran academic titles
  • Testaments given in El Salvador.
  • Other documents mentioned in the Apostille Treaty.

To apostille a document in El Salvador, a previous original certification of the document that is to be apostilled is required from the respective authorities.

Our service of apostille of document in El Salvador includes obtaining the original certification of the document and its apostille, and if it is required by the client the delivery of the document to the destination it is required for.

If you wish to know the pricing of our apostille and legalisation service in El Salvador, please write us to: Gold Service E-mail.

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