Someten a consulta el proyecto de ley de mejora regulatoria

The regulatory improvement bill is submitted for consultation

The document may be reviewed by citizens through the new LEGISLA platform
The bill that proposes the creation of a regulatory improvement system has been available since yesterday for public consultation through the LEGISLA platform. The document is also being discussed with the private sector, informed Jaime Campos, executive director of Regulatory Improvement (OMR).

The norm will be in consultation for 15 days, then it will be sent to the Legislative Assembly. The LEGISLA platform was presented yesterday by the OMR and the Institute for Access to Public Information (IAIP). This can be accessed at the link https://participació, reported both institutions.

«The main role is played by the State institutions, which are in charge of simplifying, of carrying out a regulatory improvement plan,» Campos said.

The bill proposes a process to carry out regulatory impact assessments, the administrative simplification of procedures and the creation of a national registry of procedures. The latter can be accessed through an electronic site. “A procedure that is not registered in the registry may not be required of citizens. It will be binding,» Campos said.

If approved as drafted, the law will force public institutions to put on the agenda the regulations that they will issue each year.

sanctioning court

The OMR has included in the text of the draft the figure of a court that will be in charge of sanctioning officials who request requirements or procedures without a legal basis or «unreasonable». The idea was taken after a visit to Peru. The OMR will be in charge of supervising the application of the regulatory improvement tools, in case of non-compliance said court will intervene.

“El Salvador is going to have one of the most comprehensive models at the scale of regulatory reform policy in the world,” Campos said. The official reported that the entity he directs has completed the work to determine how much all the procedures cost in the 14 existing ministries in the country.

This project seeks to identify the most expensive procedures with the greatest impact in order to proceed to simplify them for the benefit of citizens and businessmen. Campos added that he has already presented a draft executive decree to the Presidency of the Republic to make its simplification official. This will apply to all institutions of the Executive.

By Rosa María Pastrán | 

Compiled from the Graphic Press 

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